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Feature: Creating signature add-ons

  • Unlike the templates, the signature add-ons are solely created within the Rich Text field in ITWU Simple Signature but may as well be filled with graphics and formatted text. This way you can also integrate logos of trade shows and pictures of your newly announced products into your signatures.
  • Every signature add-on must be categorized in order to get assigned to the respective persons, groups and organizations later on. You can choose from existing categories or just add a new category which will be automatically included in the list box at the signatures' assignment as well.
  • The assignment of the signature add-ons based on these categories enables you to configure new signature add-ons without the need to adjust the assignment of the respective user every time and again. For instance, if you want to regularly attach the dates of current trade shows to your signatures you create an add-on for every trade show and give all of them the category "trade show". All that is left to do for you is to assign only the category "trade show" to the appropriate users.
  • The timer feature on the other hand gives you the capability to set a start and end date for every signature add-on. This way the add-ons will only be attached to the signatures within this particular period of time, so that even the signature add-ons will always be kept up to date.
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