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Feature: Monitoring and resetting
the signature's design

  • In order to take a look at your employees' signatures prior to the Lotus Notes Domino agent allocating them, ITWU Simple Signature provides a preview function for every user from within the application.
  • With this function you can always monitor if the implementation of the personal contact information from the Domino Directory did work smoothly and if the signature templates are displayed correctly in an e-mail.
  • As soon as you encounter a problem during the preview of a user's signature you are able to instantly reset all signature fields within the user's client preferences.
  • After such a reset no more signatures are saved within the user's client preferences. By clicking the button "Update Specific User" the Domino agent will narrow the instant recalculation of the signatures down to the selected user. This way the correction you have made will be implemented at once. (Available since version 2.1)
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