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Excursus: Domino Policies

The administrative policies in Lotus Notes Domino are able to automatically attach a signature to every outgoing e-mail of any Notes user as well. However, the signature's attachment happens after the user has pushed the "Send" button so there is no way to customize or adjust the signature. Therefore in contrast to ITWU Simple Signature the Domino policies cannot enable you to integrate personal contact information of your employees into their signatures. Furthermore by means of the Domino policies you can only design your signatures with unformatted text and html.

When it comes to personalized signatures and add-ons for your employees ITWU Simple Signature provides a much more flexible solution compared to the Domino policies. Futhermore, regarding signatures for mail-in databases, only ITWU Simple Signature holds an appropriate solution. Nevertheless you may want to consider using the Domino policies to display general information about your company such as the full company name, registration number, place of registration etc. or a legal disclaimer - information which is not to be customized or adjusted anyway.

So just combine ITWU Simple Signature with the Domino policies
and you have got yourself a versatile and legally reliable
solution for your e-mail signatures!