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System requirements

During the development of ITWU Simple Signature we have paid special attention to keeping the effort to manage your Lotus Notes signatures at a minimum but still providing compatibility for as many platforms as possible.

Generally you just need to comply with the system requirements for IBM's Domino Server and Notes Client depending on the Release version you want to implement ITWU Simple Signature on. These system requirements may be found on the IBM Homepage.

Minimal requirements for ITWU Simple Signature:

  • IBM (Lotus) Notes Client and Domino Server version 8.5 and higher or
  • IBM (Lotus) Notes Client, Domino Server and E-Mail Template version 8.5.3. and higher for the use of the multi signature feature.

Supported platforms:
The platforms supported by ITWU Simple Signature are again the same as for Lotus Notes Domino. Therefore you can run ITWU Simple Signature on the following platforms:

  • AIX
  • IBM System i (AS 400)
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows

The supported operating systems can also be found on the IBM Homepage stated above for ITWU Simple Signature runs on every system software that is supported by Lotus Notes Domino!