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Version history

With every new version of ITWU Simple Signature we are constantly trying to add new features and to eliminate bugs. Therefore you will find here an overview of all previous versions of ITWU Simple Signature with their new features and their bugfixes.

Are you currently using an older Version of ITWU Simple Signature and are you interested in some of the new features? Please contact us referring to an offer for a version upgrade or an annual maintenance renewal.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 3.0 (19.7.2021):

  • New features:
    • Integration of dynamic links: Within a signature, an image, text or graphic can be stored with a dynamic hotspot, which is filled using a placeholder from the Domino Directory. When the link changes in the Domino Directory, hotspots in the signature change automatically.
    • Creation of a separate reply signature: Separate signature templates, e.g. without the company disclaimer, can be created for e-mails that reply to incoming messages or forward them.
  • Bugfix:
    When updating the signatures, the agent aborted if it encountered a non-existent person document. Instead, only a warning is displayed in the log and the agent continues to run without interruption.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.10 (21.12.2018):

  • Bugfix:
    During signature updates the update agent stops when it encounters an empty group. With this fix the agent continues the signature update displaying only a warning within the log.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.9 (25.01.2016):

  • Bugfix:
    Optimization of the rendering component to avoid unnecessary rich-text operations which under certain circumstances can result in layouting errors.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.8 (22.05.2015):

  • Fix to the following bugs:
    • In certain cases, if a person, group or organization is listed in more than one assignment the signature of this person, group or organization may be assigned to people it is not assigned to.
    • If a signature add-on is assigned to a person more than once (e.g. by a person assignment and a group assignment) it is rarely possible that the add-on will be added to its e-mails multiple times.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.6 (07.01.2015):

  • Log optimization:
    The names of the different mail servers appear in the log.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.5 (03.11.2014):

  • Log optimization:
    In order to prevent the log to be shut down by too many entries it can now be splittet in multiple instances.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.4 (04.08.2014):

  • New features:
    • Verbose Log: If this option is disabled the log will show only errors and warnings.
    • Automatic signature update only on home mail server (feature of Advanced Edition): On a multi-server-installation the update agent only checks the users for signature update, if their home mail server is the same as the server the agent runs on.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.3 (26.07.2013):

  • Bugfix:
    If the Domino Agent encounters a user of a different mailing system within the Domino Directory this will no longer be displayed as an error on the log within the ITWU Simple Signature's administration area but as a normal record. Furthermore no Notes Exception will appear on the server console.

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.2 (not public):

  • Bugfix:
    In the preferences of the Notes Client the "Type of signature" will now automatically be set on "Rich Text".

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1.1 (22.04.2013):

  • New feature:
    The update of signatures can be restricted to only new and changed signatures

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.1 (21.02.2013):

  • New features:
    • Computation of QR codes within signatures for vCards of URLS
    • Support for alternate source databases besides the Domino Directory
    • Distribution of static standard signatures to mail-in databases
    • Administrational feature for updating specific user
    • Deactivation of specific assignments is possible

Alterations of ITWU Simple Signature Version 2.0 (01.08.2012):

  • First english features:
    • Creation of standardized signatures with an @-Formula, a Domino Designer form or a Rich text field (available only with Domino version 8.5 of higher)
    • Separat creation and distribution of signature add-ons
    • Timer feature for signature add-ons to automatically set a start and an end date
    • Connection to the Domino Directory for integration of individual contact information into the signatures
    • Distribution of signatures to the preferences of the users Notes Clients
    • Standardization of signatures on personal, group and organizational level
    • Multi signature feature for choosing from different signatures
    • Preview feature for controlling the signatures of one specific user
    • Reset feature for deleting all assigned signatures of one specific user in order to reassign them to the user properly

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