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Feature: Assigning the signatures

  • With ITWU Simple Signature you can assign signature templates and add-ons to users, Lotus Notes user groups or organizations. Thus you do not need to create an assignment for every single employee, instead you are able to allocate the respective signatures to whole departments or even subcompanies.
  • In order to assign a signature all you need to do is to choose a user, user group or organization entry from the Domino Directory or any other directory.
  • You can assign as many signatures as you like to the same employee who is then able to choose from this variety via the multi-signature feature. Here it makes no difference on which level the assignment is set. Naturally a user can have a company-wide standardized signature on the organizational level, a signature especially for his department and a personal signature.
  • Additionally several categories of signature add-ons may be assigned. They will be displayed under the signature in the same order you assigned them to the user but of course you can always change this order within the user's assignment.
  • On to "Agent for allocation"