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Feature: Agent for allocation

  • The automated allocation of the signatures happens by means of a Lotus Notes Domino agent. As with any other agent you can individually schedule the time you want the agent to run. However we recommend this time to be once a day and preferably at night when no employees can be interrupted at work.
  • The agent transfers the personal contact information from the selected directory into the designated wildcards of the signature templates in order to always keeping them up to date.
  • Afterwards the signature templates and add-ons will be pushed into the respective field within the Lotus Notes client preferences.
  • Simultaneously the agent checks which of the signature templates was most recently chosen as default by the user. If this template is still assigned to the user it will be pushed into the "default signature" field. Otherwise the agent declares the next best template to be the default signature until the user chooses a different one.
  • Version 2 of ITWU Simple Signature also provides a performance optimization regarding the Lotus Notes Domino agent to guarantee shorter runtimes.
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