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Feature: Designing signature templates

  • The signature templates may be designed either within a Rich Text field in ITWU Simple Signature or with a form in the Domino Designer.
  • Within the Rich Text field you can implement logos and other graphics as well as formatted text and wildcards for the personal contact information deriving from the Domino Directory. You can define wildcards for yourself to better suit your individual requirements.
  • Besides the Domino Directory your users' personal contact information can also derive from a different source database. Creating the wildcards for your signature you need to name this alternate database. (Available since version 2.1)
  • Based on its title the signature template will later be assigned to the respective persons, groups and organizations.
  • Especially for employees writing only internal e-mails and therefore not really needing a signature, the option "Attach signature automatically to the user's new e-mail" may be disabled. Afterwards the user can always manually choose a signature for an e-mail when he needs one.
  • In order to integrate URLs, which can change over time, into the signature hotspots can be created dynamically for text passages, graphics or images. The URLs are maintained in the same way as the personal contact data in the Domino Directory and are automatically kept up-to-date in the signature. (Available since version 3)
  • Since version 10 of HCL Notes Domino, there has been the standard option to store a separate signature for replying or forwarding messages in the Notes client settings. In ITWU Simple Signature, a signature template only needs to be flagged as a reply signature to get pushed automatically into this separate field within the mail preferences. (Available since version 3)
  • You can also include automatic generated QR codes into your signatures - configured either as a weblink or as a vCard in order to easily save your contact information on a smartphone or tablet. (Available since version 2.1)
  • In the "Mail-in databases" tab you can configure standardized signatures for collective mail files which will be automatically added to emails from this databases by ITWU Simple Signature. Given the fact that mail-in databases are no real users, the domino policies are not able to create signatures for this kind of databases. (Available since version 2.1)
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